ADDISON LANE is the author of the FAIRYPOCALYPSE trilogy, including Hanging Flynn, Stealing Terry, and Drowning Fergus.



Drowning Fergus: A Tale of the Fairypocalypse (#3)

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FERGUS GREW UP BELIEVING he would never see the world beyond New Peiling... until he found the map to Tír na nÓg. But sometimes adventures don't take us to the place we want to be, but where we need to go.

The Knights of Evalach have rounded up the hybrids and sent them away. Those who remain struggle to keep the towering plates of New Peiling upright. Time is short, and there are many wrongs to be righted. But what will Fergus have to give up to put things straight?

Stealing Terry: A Tale of the Fairypocalypse (#2)

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MOST PEOPLE KNOW OF THE WILD HUNT—the tales of wicked hounds and black riders spiriting away drunkards and careless travelers. It's a cautionary fable to keep children indoors. Yet in a world where hybrids and humans are perpetually on the verge of war, there are those who revel in the squalid stories of the Hunt—who wish to bring those scenes of terror to life. And those who call themselves the "Huntsmen" are hungry for revenge.

Fergus returns on a mad adventure to find the gateway to Tír na nÓg. But finding a place that might not even exist may be the least of his worries...

Hanging Flynn: A Tale of the Fairypocalypse (#1)

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FERGUS IRVINE IS A HYBRID—a human who shares his body with a fairy's soul. Like other hybrids in the human-governed metropolis of New Peiling, his life seems stuck on okay-at-best—but that all changes the day he returns to his apartment to find his best friend Flynn dead. Unable to accept that Flynn would kill himself, Fergus decides he must find out for himself what really happened.

He must survive arson, anti-hybrid vigilantes, airship crashes, ravenous fairies, and his catty kind-of-girlfriend to peel back the layers of lies and find the truth about Flynn... and himself.